Open House

We don’t just put your property on the market, we launch it.

When appropriate, we will utilise our tried and tested OPEN HOUSE technique to make sure your property is launched to the market in the best possible way. The Open House method has been used in other countries for years, yet few estate agents understand the concept and simply think it means opening your home on the day of launch. But this totally misses the point.

We will make sure we carry out a pre-launch appraisal to get the most from the launch. We will contact every buyer on our database by email and phone to tell them about a new home coming to the market. We will canvass all the local roads with up to 500 hand delivered mailers. Then, for one hour only, usually on a Saturday, we will launch the property. Not only is this much more convenient for you than the conventional private appointment method, but this creates the right buzz about your home, as groups of potential buyers can see how desirable your property is. This maximises the impact of the launch and ensures that you have the best possible chance of getting the best possible offer on your home.


Rather than arranging one off by appointment viewings, this allows us to show the most motivated buyers together in one session. Clean and prepare the home once, not every time a viewing is booked.

Increases Interest

With multiple buyers all viewing together, we increase the desirability of the home, and with increased desirability comes a better chance of securing the best price.


With more buyers competing for your home, there is a greater chance of a ‘sealed bid’ scenario. Over 50% of our properties launched via open house sell within 24 hours of launch.