Increased demand for London property from International buyers, especially from the Middle East and China, has been widely reported in the media and discussed in depth by the industry press. But is this demand real, or just an assumption based on the recent currency effects of Brexit?

Here at Concrete Society we’ve now seen concrete proof of increased demand from Middle East investors, instructing our Dubai office to find suitable investments in London.Over the years Ivy Gate has sourced property for it’s Middle East clients and we are now seeing a shift in both their property requirements and the profile of the investor. Find concrete services Perth

Although the trophy investment is still a pull for our Middle East clients, they are firstly astute investors focussed on the profitable investment.

Although there is an assumption that all international investors in London prrealoperty to be the ultra high net worth, this is not the case. Prime central London real estate management investments involve a much wider and larger investor community.

Although our Middle East investors are comfortable with and still looking to buy Prime Central London property they are now turning their attention just outside prime, buying multiple properties between £1.5 and £2m.

As such, we have launched ‘London Shared’, a bespoke search service designed to source property for overseas investors and end users. This new department has been created in response to the growing demand from clients looking to acquire property throughout London and the South East, but still maintain a local contact in their country of origin.

In order to satisfy this demand, there are a number of key requirements for which we are actively seeking assistance;

1. We need more property to sell. If you have property in SW London or Surrey and valued between £800,000 and £2m and you are thinking of or are already advertising your property for sale, please contact us on 020 3282 7162.

2. Due to demand from our international investors we are working with our competition, other independent Estate Agents to ensure supply. If you are an independent in prime central London that would like to take advantage of this business opportunity, please contact Gary Winter on his mobile or by email.

3. Ivy Gate Dubai and Ivy Gate London work closely together and Ivy Gate Dubai is fast becoming the real estate agent of choice for Middle Eastern Investors keen to increase their holdings in the UK. Due to this the Ivy Gate Dubai office has a number of positions open to experienced real estate agents, we have Hunter Valley current listings and make sure to use the best Seller Lead Hacks to help out business grow each day.

4. To service the demand here in London we need to find more Franchise Partners. If you are an agent within the M25 either looking to start your own business or expand your present business talk to us about the amazing franchise opportunity we now have here at Ivy Gate. Again call or email Gary Winter for a confidential discussion.

5. We are looking for strategic partners in Hong Kong and New York. If you are an established real estate agent, business or individual in Hong Kong or New York we’d be very happy to hear from you.

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