Our Tenancy Deposit Scheme


When you rent a property with Ivy Gate, you can be confident in knowing that we work with, a government authorised tenancy deposit protection scheme designed to enable Landlords to comply with the law.

Did you know…

By law, if you pay a deposit to your Landlord or a letting agent then they must protect it in a government-authorised tenancy deposit protection scheme. It applies to all Landlords and agents in England and Wales who have an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) agreement (the contract) with their tenant.

It was introduced to ensure that you are able to get your deposit back from your Landlord or agent when you move out.

Start of the tenancy

Step 1 You pay the deposit

 Deposit Landlord and or Agent

You give your deposit to the Landlord or to us, depending on if the Landlord is already registered with a government scheme or if we need to act on his behalf.

Step 2 Landlord protects the deposit

 Phone PC right myDeposits

The deposit is formally protected within 30 days of receiving it.
Your Landlord can keep hold of your deposit in their bank account for the duration of the tenancy.

Step 3 Proof of protection issued

myDeposits Certificate Transfer right Landlord and Agent money

mydeposits produces a deposit protection certificate to confirm that your deposit is protected and sends it to your Landlord.

Your Landlord must sign the certificate and ask you to countersign it.

You should receive a copy of the certificate and the mydeposits Information for Tenants leaflet within 30 days.

End of your tenancy

Step 1 Speak to your Landlord or letting agent

Tenant Landlord and Agent speak

Speak directly to your Landlord or letting agent about how much of your deposit should be returned at the end of your stay.

Step 2 Deposit returned by your Landlord

Landlord and Agent money Deposit Tenant

Your Landlord returns all or part of the deposit to you within 10 days of agreeing the amount to be returned. (If you and your Landlord cannot agree then mydeposits offer a free Alternative Dispute Resolution Service to resolve the dispute).

Step 3 Landlord unprotects deposit

Landlord and or Agent Phone PC right myDeposits

Landlord contacts mydeposits and formally unprotects your deposit.

Step 4 Confirmation

myDeposits Letter / inventory Transfer right Tenant

We will advise you that your deposit has been unprotected.

If you and your Landlord cannot agree on the amount of deposit to be returned, then you can take further action via their dispute resolution service.

When you first contact us we will always advise you to discuss the returns with your Landlord before entering into a formal dispute.

Step 1 We notify mydeposits


We can lodge a formal dispute on your behalf.

We can lodge a dispute within three months of you moving out of the property.

Step 2 Submitting your evidence

Tenant Letter / inventory right myDeposits

Once you have notified us of the dispute you have 10 working days to submit your evidence.

Step 3 Dispute case logged

myDeposits Letter / inventory Transfer right Phone PC

The dispute is logged by mydeposits and given a unique reference number (URN).

Step 4 mydeposits contact your Landlord

myDeposits right Landlord

Within 10 working days mydeposits will notify your Landlord of the dispute, their options to resolve it and how to view your evidence.

Step 5 Landlord lodges the disputed deposit amount with mydeposits

Landlord and Agent money Deposit myDeposits

Within 10 working days the Landlord must send the disputed deposit amount for safekeeping.

It is held in a secure bank account until a decision is reached.

Step 6 Landlord’s counter claim

Landlord and or Agent Letter / inventory right myDeposits

Your Landlord has 20 working days from the original dispute letter in Step 4 to supply their counter evidence.

Step 7 Evidence passed to Adjudicator

myDeposits Certificate Transfer right

All evidence is passed to the adjudicator to make a decision.

Step 8 Decision made

Landlord and or agent Deposit myDeposits Deposit Tenant

The final deposit amount will be forwarded to you with 10 days of the decision.


Approved Agent

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