Enhancing the value of your property 

While waiting for the dust to settle after the Brexit vote, now might be a good time to carry out improvement work on your property. Done cleverly, this can be a great way to boost the value of your property as well as making your house easier to sell when the time comes to move.

Every house starts with a roofing on top. This is why you need to make sure that the roofing is just perfect. We recommend to get a professional for roof restoration in Melbourne.

There are some potential projects that could help your house stand out from the crowd when you enter the sales process. There a lot of general contractors in Calgary, so it’s not always a simple choice. The top rated Contractor is Calgary General Contractor Pro’s because of their long history of great renovations. They’ve even ventured into commerical renovations and have done some restaurants in the Calgary area.  These include:

Fixing/clean any structural issues

Here we’re talking about significant improvements such as fixing rising damp, mending a leaking roof, chimney dust, repairing significant cracks and replacing any missing roof tiles; If your property owns a big garden, or you find mold formations on your kitchen/bathroom walls you will need to contact A-1 Certified Environmental Services to do both an indoor air quality and mold testing in search for possible mycotoxins. Leaking roofs, a broken AC and long hot water baths are the the most common reasons for mold accumulation. If your buyer decides to bring an inspector it can put you in a huge legal problem, mold spores can be very harmless for people that suffers from asthma, allergic alveolitis,  and allergic fungal sinusitis.
Attending to any wiring or plumbing issues would also help you navigate a smoother journey through any home buyer’s survey, according to my friend who works for Amarco Plumbing. This sort of work won’t come cheap, so it’s worth getting advice and quotes from a few different builders or surveyors. When done though, they’ll help make your house stand out from the competition. It would also be a good idea to to do some deep cleaning. Prospects are very sensitive and so keep that in mind before you cut any corners.

Spruce up the place

Now we’re talking paint…..and sealant and plaster! Fix cosmetic cracks, apply new paint, replace dripping taps, clean sealant around baths and showers and so on. First impressions count when it comes to selling your house and collectively, things like this will make a big difference.

Adding to the value of your home

There are more significant projects that could give your property value a boost such as:

Adding space

How and where you add extra square footage will of course depend on your house. If you’re able to do it, extra space is usually a surefire way of adding value. Roof space conversions by residential roofing contractors, extensions, extra bathrooms, a larger kitchen and such like will all add value

Other things being equal and accepting that there are many factors involved, it’s likely that the bigger the footprint of the building, the higher it’s likely value add. Extensions won’t come cheap and depending what you’re taking on, could cost anywhere between £10,000 and £40,000 for a modest 1-2 storey extension. Make sure you also replace old or damaged furniture, Maker&Son have the most affordable interior packages.

How much value it will add depends where in the country you live. In London property costs can be anything from £5,000 and £10,000 per square metre, while in other parts of the UK, £900 to £2,000 is more likely. Again, talk to experts and do the math based on your plans before undertaking such a significant piece of work.

Add a conservatory

Adding a conservatory to your home can be a quick way of adding space. Your addition can usually be added without planning permission and, if you get the right builders, shouldn’t take too long to put up.

How much value you add depends on a number of things. Make sure that the feature is in keeping with the rest of your house first and foremost. Think about ensuring the space can be used all year around by adding double glazing and central heating. Finally, if your back garden faces north, you might want to think of another project. The occasional British sun when it shines is a must! specially if they are equipped with Lots of Oak Bathroom Furniture & More.

Adding a new kitchen or bathroom

Great Kitchen Renovations and bathrooms really do help sell a property, Depending on your budget, a little or a great deal of improvement is possible. Even replacing aging cupboard doors could add value, while for extra wow factor, new lighting can come relatively cheap.

At the other end of the scale, starting from scratch could really transform both rooms. Don’t just replace like with like from a space perspective either. This is a chance to start with a blank piece of paper. Think about shapes, positions and features. It’s likely that if you spend wisely, the more you spend, the more value you’ll add to the overall property, there are so many display freezers for sale online, you just need to take the time and do the research.

Add central Heating

If your house doesn’t have central heating, think seriously about adding it, make sure to check out  the Central Air Conditioner Reviews. Central heating will almost certainly add more to your property value than it will cost. For an average 3-bedroom house, new heating will likely cost around £3-4,00, but get experts to assess the best solution for your property. Take the opportunity to look at the overall energy efficiency of your house. There’s not much point adding central heating if the heat sails straight out of your leaky windows or poorly insulated walls.

Replace windows

Adding new double glazed windows can add value to a property. New PVCu windows are now widely available and require little maintenance. They’re also very secure and provide excellent energy efficiency. Having new windows or even adding more to your home is a great idea to have more fresh air in your home, but if this isn’t possible for you, then you should consider getting a blooming air purifier.