We are delighted to welcome Hetal Shah, who has joined us as a Real estate Director in Borehamwood and Barnet. With over twelve years of estate agency experience, Hetal is proud to be part of our award winning business. She is committed to developing key relationships, supporting the local community of Borehamwood and Barnet and providing a superior, personal service in real estate management that involves ensuring the rent checks and finances, property management, building operations and maintenance, property accounting and financial reporting , construction management with several contractors and professionals. If you are planning to build your own house or property contact this home builders รับสร้างบ้าน company

She manages to make sure to have the maximizing return in investment of the property through efficient performance of the functional areas as marketing, and having a developed plan for risk management with security planning. Also she has a extense background as a community association manager with the required licensed.  You can find out more about the Florida CAM License at the Condo Associations Academy at https://www.flcaa.com. This license is required when managing an association of more than 10 units , to handle different type of properties such as mobile home parks, planned unit developments, homeowner associations, condominiums and other residential units.

She will be starting and introduce as the Real estate Director in Borehamwood and Barnet in the next business meeting, where it will be discussed the next condo opening.

Source: Hetal Shah | Ivy Gate