The Hamptons, located in the heart of the increasingly popular Worcester Park, this very unique development is almost in its own bubble and has been since it was completed in early 2011. The demand for this development has always been very strong and it has a tendency to achieve higher prices than the equivalent property in other areas of Worcester Park. Whilst it is certainly a very desirable location, the development has also been effected by the results of Brexit and more recently Theresa May’s speech announcing an earlier than expected withdrawal from Europe. This is not to say that prices have dropped or that houses are no longer selling, but more so that sellers need to be realistic in the prices they hope to achieve in the current market and will no longer be able to push for premium prices as was the case in the earlier part of the year. The development has already seen an extremely sharp increase in prices over the last two years, again higher than the average increase in KT4 and even some parts of the neighbouring New Malden. This sharp increase means that house values in the development will remain stable for the foreseeable future. As long as sellers are realistic with the price they market their property for and the offers they expect to receive, they will still be able to achieve very strong prices in comparison to their purchase price, even if this was only a couple of years ago.