Covering East & West Molesey, Esher and Claygate.

Supply and demand issues seems to be the issue of the day, with very little choice available to buyers currently looking in all price brackets. Feedback that I have faced from many potential sellers has been the fear of accepting an offer within days of coming to the market and then struggling to find a suitable onward purchase. The most common theory as to why this is happening is the referendum on June 23rd. The property market, much like the stock market is one based on confidence and with the unknown looming over the UK in coming weeks, I can fully appreciate people’s concerns. However, we have faced similar issues before, the Scottish referendum, last years general election, the dot com crash in the early noughties, and yet here we stand in a market that is continuously growing and is still considered by most as the safest investment one can make in the UK.

I personally believe that the ship will steady once we have passed the referendum, whatever the outcome. Strong demand in all of the areas which IVY GATE cover has yet to diminish from either local or London buyers, which means that as agents it is our responsibility to help all potential clients find suitable onward purchases.

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