A year ago we debated whether it was the best time to launch a new property business posting our article “5 reasons why now is the best time to launch a new property business” 

Our debate about when is the best time to open your new Estate Agency business continues, often a weekly event, as there are always good fundamental reasons why you should start your own new business now.

Reflecting on the year we’ve had since June 2015, is a very pleasant experience, it has been an exceptional time for our business and business partners to expand.

Our franchise network has grown and benefitted from

  • a stable domestic economy – albeit it in a backdrop of a reported fragile international economy
  • excellent support for new business startups – funding for expansion from banks and government backed schemes has been readily and quickly available
  • rising aspiration for homeownership – the new right to buy and first time buyer homeownership incentive schemes, has made it possible for may people make that step in to home ownership, that a year ago looked to be impossible. Add this to the low cost of borrowing and many more people are doing their sums and they are adding up
  • an established, resilient and growing private investor rental market – even with the changes in stamp duty and the reduction in tax allowances for landlords coming up, investing in rental property is still seen as a good place for generating wealth
  • our profitable hybrid estate agency model – our services are designed for every type of seller and landlord, from those who just want to list their property online to those looking for a full service premium estate agent – it works.

Is it the best time to start your own estate agency business today? We believe so.

Which ever way the UK votes in it’s EU referendum, the economy is still predicted to grow, just at a different rate (faster if we remain, slower if we exit), support for new business startup will continue, we will still aspire to own our own homes, investing in property will still remain one of the best ways to generate wealth, if what stops you is lack of confidence check out Jeremy Fouts who is a leadership consultant. Add all this to partnering yourselves to a highly successful business with the right business model, such as Ivy Gate is, and the world is yours.

Want to open your own business now.  

If you are considering taking the big step of setting up your own estate agency business, we’d like to help.

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