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My favorite day of the week is a Friday as I get to spend the entire day at the office, where I get really spoilt by the team. I can be seen most of the day by Clare’s desk as she is very naughty and likes to give me treats. The ends of a bacon sandwich are my favorite or if I am really lucky, I get treated to sausages…mmmmmmm

Outside of work, I like to spend my early mornings walking around the local area, having a good old sniff and seeing what treats I can find. I get taken to the park at lunchtime for playtime and this is really good fun too. By the afternoon, I am pretty exhausted and spend my time laying in my bed sleeping. Evenings I love too as the family are all home and we get to cuddle up on the sofa.

Office Therapy Dog

020 3282 7162

07979 655461

Hidden Talents

I have an excellent sense of smell and can locate almost anything. I also know the paw trick and the roll over trick too.

If I Won The Lottery

I would buy a cheese farm as I love cheese sooooooo much

When I'm Not Working

I like walking and running around the park playing fetch


Jumping in rivers

Getting dirty