Many of our Landlords don’t have the time to manage their properties. Even if you only have one rental property investment, no one wants to get a call on a weekend about a dripping tap or a broken boiler. Many Landlords under estimate the time and effort it can take to keep a property maintained, so many choose our management service to take the stress and hassle out of being a Landlord.

Our property management experts can manage your property throughout the lettings process; from organising inventories and arranging for properties to be cleaned pre-tenancy, right through to handling deposit negotiations once the tenancy has ended.

During the tenancy, we liaise with utility suppliers and arrange repairs, maintenance works and safety reports on your behalf, as well as organise payment of outgoings such as ground rent and service charges.

Single Point of Contact

Unlike many estate agents, we offer a single point of contact throughout your period of management. No trainees or junior staff, our property management team have years of experience and are dedicated to providing you with straight talking advice.

Approved Contractors

We only use contractors we trust. All of our nominated third party contractors must go through a strict vetting process before being allowed to carry out work on your property. Our property management team have worked in the industry for over 25 years so we know the best people for every type of maintenance requirement.

No Mark Ups

We don’t believe it’s fair for us to take a fee or kickback for arranging for works to be carried out. That’s why we are committed to providing maintenance and repair quotations without adding any additional estate agents fees or ‘marking up’ the cost of works so that we can benefit. You pay a management fee and that’s it.

Legal and Compliance Advice

We can provide advice and help to Landlords regarding legislation and ensuring legal compliance, including advice on Non Resident Landlord obligations and organising and negotiating end of tenancy dilapidation claims.